Illustrious Ladies

Creative Conscience Submission 2020

Submission to Creative Conscience Open Brief 2020. Illustrious Ladies is a product designed to educate students (aged 16 - 21) about world affairs, and in particular the illustrious ladies of politics and innovation. Each card showcases a hand drawn portrait of each woman, along with flashcard information about her achievements and stamp on the world, as well as acting has a postcard to send to friends and loved ones to spread the message of empowerment. Download the Artivive app and view the portrait through your smartphone to unlock its full potential!

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Tsai Ing-Wen.JPG
Suu Kyi.JPG
Sonia Gandhi.JPG
Park Geun - Hey.JPG
Michelle Bachelet.JPG
Product Box.JPG
Greta Thunberg.JPG